Leer/Loki Midwifery School was established in 2005 by several International and Local Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that were committed to the Main Objective of contributing to the reduction of the rampant Maternal and infant mortality rates in South Sudan and is still relevant.

To mitigate this, the School trains quality midwives who after their graduation are well equipped with knowledge and skills to find employment in South Sudan and provide their services to the community.



The School was relocated to Lokichoggio in 2014 when fighting broke in South Sudan. The School has adopted the new curriculum of training at higher level of Diploma in Midwifery that is work-intensive and is divided into two thematic areas, theory and practical or hands-on-work. These two areas hone the students’ knowledge and skills in readiness for taking on the onerous task of a qualified and committed Midwife.



The School recruited 30 students by September 2016 and are training at the level of Diploma in Midwifery that will take three years and are bound to complete their training by June 2019. The Diploma in Midwifery Curriculum provided by the Ministry of Health-GRSS is the only guide used by the School and mirrors the competences that must be achieved in the entire training.

The practicum attachment is majorly performed at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Hospital at Kakuma refugee camp about 100km away. PRDA has expanded the size of their camp at Kakuma by acquiring more space adjacent to its base with a hope of developing it so as to provide sufficient accommodation, however, with limited funds this effort remains a challenge.




The institution has indeed been undergoing many challenges in terms of limited funding despite the increase in the cost of living. To cope, the School has reduced the staff incentives by 10% and 20%. And has also limited most of its expenses on construction and renovation but students feeding and training materials remain the same.

Mission 21 is the only Partner that has worked with PRDA since inception of the School to date and have committed their support for the next four years. The other Partner Uniting World (UW) of the Uniting World Church of Australia have substantially reduced their funding to the School and may want to move to supporting different activities related to Institutional development and capacity building.




For future, PRDA plans to intensify its fundraising and continue to have a dialogue with the Ministry of Health for future funding.

The plan for the School to return to Leer has shall be dependent on the return of peace to South Sudan.

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The School has two qualified Midwifery Tutors and one language and other subjects Tutor who provide academic instructions to the students at the School premises and assist them at the clinical locations at the health facilities. The School also has 12 support staff that are engaged in various activities geared towards the implementation of the program.